The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 12: The Wolf and the Champion of Bahamut

There's a hole in my boot, and 100 roasted chickens

The party continues their way north to the city of Vir, eventually reaching Elcot, one of the outskirt villages of Vir. There the party inquires about the situation and are told by a galiant servant of Bahamut that everyone should make their way to the city for safe-keeping against the dangers of the were-beasts. The party travels to Vir and find food and drink at one of the local taverns. There they are told more about the were-beasts, particularly Zev, the notorious, murderous leader of the Volfblitz tribe of werewolves who is wanted for 50,000 gold pieces. The party scour the city, eventually finding rest within a housing shop and rest for the day. As the sun sets, Jonah heads out for a walk, eventually racing back to state that the were-beasts have come. The party regroups and sets off towards the southern gates, where they notice several metallic dragons flying off to attack a gigantic wolf beast that seems to be leading the were-beasts. The party reaches the gates and several were-wolves charge towards them, and as they make their stand, Jonah dramatically turns and reveals that he too is a were-wolf.

End of Season 1


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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