The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 11: Walking the Dark Path to Vir

No Moon in sight....Good or Bad

Baldric awakens, hearing the sound of waves crashing against a sandy shore, goes forth in search of his friends while making friends with a crab along the way. Baldric comes across Annie and is able to awaken her and they both go in search of the others. Time passes; Baldric and Annie eventually spot the ship and notice that Ghesh, Jonah and the Captain are alive and picking up debris and cargo. They regroup and Captain Warne tells them that they are on the shore of the Qahil desert and the nearest civilization is a few days walk, as the ship cannot sail for some time. Lug returns with the dwarf cook, who died during the storm and buries him nearby. The party scrounges for food and gear, eventually getting ready to set off. Though the Captain states she is not leaving her ship, causing tension and eventually interrogation about the Captains connection to the Thorns leader. She states that the Thorns leader found her and she controlled the means of communication, and does not know exactly where they are stationed. The party then leaves the Captain and Lug behind and make their way north. They eventually reach the mountains, and camp along the stone crags near the shore. They awaken an continue on towards Vir, eventually reaching the forest south of Vir and decide to continue through the night. They struggle as there is little light, but they eventually find a farmhouse that seems to have been abandoned. They make camp there and awaken the next morning, to which Baldric notices several ethereal beings around the area, particularly swarming round Jonah. Baldric chases after them into the barn, and climbs into the hay-loft to find a boot. He removes the boot along with its inhabitant, a foot, and notices the body that it belonged to. He pushes the body off, and three splats are heard. The party leaves the bodies, and make their way to Vir. They follow the farm road to the main road, where a broken sigh says ’Mcgaven". They continue North, eventually hearing a cavalry regiment behind them and move to the side. A section of the regiment breaks off and talks to the party, giving directions to Vir and a warning for the creatures that lurk in the forests.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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