The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 10: Sing a Tale as Sung by the Tide

Tricorn or Bicorn? you foolish mutineers

The party, still aboard the Hammer of Baator, continue their journey amongst the high seas to the city of Vir. The party continues their manual labor aboard, and Baldric partakes in a game of liars dice. Wins and loses as the days go by; Baldric eventually makes some gold, as well as earning a torn tricorn hat and three boots. One day Annie awakes early twice to notice that; Captain has noticed something out at sea and simply warned for everyone to stay on guard, and that Captain Warne wanted to know more about why they were doing this service for the King of Menossea. A few days pass and the ship is besieged by a storm, the crew and the party work to push through it, but a few of the crew-mates decide to stage a mutiny during the storm so that they can prize money as the Captain knows about the Thorns. The party struggles to work and fight the mutiny’s but is eventually pushed down, before the crew abandons ship as a large serpent rises from the sea and crushes another ship far out, eventually crashing back down and forming a massive wave. The Captain, her two orc guards and the party are the only remaining members aboard, for what they know and prepare for the wave. The work to make their way to shore, before the ship is struck by the serpent and the ship tumbles over under the sea.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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