The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 2: The Strength Challenges
Rocks, Broken Bones and Dancing Fish

In Menossea, the Fibelely Dibeley’s, and two other groups take part in the first challenge of the strength portion of the three-day tournament, which involves capturing a large boar. The party manages to capture the boar after Arielle ties the boar to Ghesh, after Ghesh picked it up, with the vines created by Baldric. The party then rests as the four remaining parties begin the second challenge, which is to break stone slabs. A short time later, the third challenge begins, in which the four remaining parties: The Fibeley Dibeley’s, Murks Crew and two other unnamed parties are to toss four large stones from one side of the field to the other.Before the challenge, a human, who is eventually revealed to be a man named ‘Merk’, rudely conflicts with the party. The party struggles at first to get the stones across the field, but eventually gain a rhythm and take first place, with Merk’s Crew following afterwards, and the other two parties failing two move on with several broken bones. The final challenge is an arena brawl which the two parties must compete in hand-to-hand combat. Ghesh easily wins his round, followed by Jonah who struggles a bit but eventually wins as well. Baldric is third who is to challenge Merk, which proposes a bet and bets a large blue gem. The party refuses the bet, and Baldric and Merk begin their round, but immediately ends as Merk attempts to cheat his way to winning by attacking Baldric with a small purple gem. Merk’s crew is disqualified, and Merk is punished and arrested, while the guards take Baldric and the party to a nearby building for treatment.v There an older woman says that Baldric was poisoned by something known as “perverse tap”, but is cured with a liquid medicine that causes Baldric to hallucinate, mostly about fish. After Baldric wakes up, the party gain their prize reward of 100 gold and make their way to to the ‘Hopping Goblin’ in the western side of the lower district. The party rests in the grand room, and await the next day of the tournament.

Season 1 -Session 1: Welcome to Menossea
Everyone's Lost with a Wet Boot
-An early, foggy morning in Menossea, and Baldric sits upon the shoreline fishing for a job, and catches several fish and a boot, to which he excitedly wears. Ghesh rows to same shore where Baldric is fishing, yet Baldric is to focused on ‘being one with the fish’ to notice and Ghesh walks by without giving a thought about the dwarf. Ghesh makes his way to the western docks, where he asks for directions to the market area in search for several “special” gems. There as well, Jonah Hale has just arrived by boat and asks for directions to where he could find work and is directed to Town Hall. Jonah awkwardly walks through the streets where he bumps into an elf named “Arielle”, who arrived last night in search of a friend who lives here. They both decide to find Town Hall together as it’ll be easier for the both of them. Baldric, a while later, brings his fish to Rorrin, a local fish merchant who also asks for Baldric to deliver some papers to town hall. With his single wet boot, Baldric makes his way to Town Hall, eventually having a short introduction with Arielle and Jonah Hale. The three then awkwardly walk to Town Hall. Ghesh, eventually makes his way to the high market area and finds a jewel shop known as ’Maz’s Gems’. Ghesh asks the halfling behind the counter if he has any of the special gems he is in search for, to which Maz does not and is instructed by raspy, unknown voice to look farther in the city. Ghesh then decides to go to Town Hall to try and find some answers. At town hall, Arielle, Ghesh, and Jonah Hale wait in line to speak with one of the three town officials for information that they are seeking. While waiting, Baldric is called to help Vadrik by holding scrolls for him, which he happily agrees to do. Ghesh, Arielle and Jonah eventually meet with one of the three officials; Ghesh asks for records of special gems, Jonah looks for work as is told that the only jobs is fishing with Baldric, and Arielle gets no information on her friends whereabouts. Town Hall’s business closes early due to the festival and tournament that the King is holding, and everybody heads to the festival grounds. The four of them decide to form a party, known as the “Fibeley Dibeley’s”, to compete in the tournament, which begins with the ‘Strength Challenge’. They and seven other parties wait in the fenced field as four carts are pulled into the center. The Town Crier announces that the Fibeley Dibeley’s and two other parties (Ghesh scared a group off), are to test their strength in attempting to capture a large boar.
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