The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 9: To and Fro, Up and Ho

Setting the Sails or Die to the Seas

The party departs Menossea and set sail towards Rotmoor Keep aboard the Hammer of Baator, captained by a woman by the name of Hilda Warne. The party settles in their bunk room, while Ghesh decides to sleep with the sailors in his own hammock. The party makes their way topside, along with another Elven woman and a Drow. The Captain states that provided the coin given, each passenger must work for their travel. The party is tasked with separate jobs and works their best to those jobs. Ghesh works in the kitchen with a dwarf, Baldric “cleans” the loo’s. while Jonah and Annie scrub the decks and work with the sails. As they work, they and the elven woman are brought forward as show that the Captain will not tolerate resistance by throwing the Drow overboard for refusing to work. The party questions if the Captain is of military background or something more “mercenary”, and Ghesh is suspicious of the elven woman. The party rests for the night, and resume work in the morning. Ghesh returns to the kitchen; Baldric scrubs the decks; Annie cleans the loo’s and Baldrics mess and Jonah is tasked with scraping barnacles along with the elven woman. The woman, introduced as Thi, attempts to converse with Jonah, but only ends up frustrated as Jonah remains apathetic. That night, while the party sleeps, Jonah notices that Thi has snuck into the room, and thus awaken Baldric and Annie. Thi converses with Jonah about something known as ‘BrokenStone Vale’ and how she hopes of finding it and hopes that Jonah will help her and his kind. Morning comes and the ship is reaching it’s first stop, a small town called Catun, along the mainland. The party assists in offloading goods at port, and they notice that they recognize another Elven woman and beings in the crowd dressed as the assassin in Menossea. Captain Warne and Thi meet with the women, which the group only remembers as Arron, and the three seem to embrace. Before the group can meet with the ‘Arron’, the Captain returns and the ship begins it’s departure back to the sea.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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