The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 8: Venture to the High Seas

Food fight, Gear and Knowledge.

As the party rests in one of the guest rooms, early in the morning a guard notifies them that the queen has requested to speak with the party in the morning. Come morning; Annie, Ghesh and Baldric head to the dining hall to have breakfast while Jonah goes outside and prays. The breakfast is interrupted as the Kings two sons begin a food fight with Ghesh and Baldric. Later, the party reunites and heads to the royal library where they speak to the queen more about the artifact which is located within Rotmoor Keep. As the meeting ends, a servant leads them to the supply rooms to acquire their necessities for the 1-2 month journey. After acquiring their gear, the party goes in search for a suitable ship. With many of the ships damaged or sunk, the party struggles to find a ship, eventually finding a suitable ship in the eastern docks. Ghesh bargains with the Captain for voyage to their destination and back, but falls short as he doesn’t know where they are going. The party requests aid from the dock-master in negotiating passage, and meet atop the ships deck. The dock-master agrees to a bargain with the Captain, a good bargain for the King and his treasury, but at the cost of the party doing manual work. The party settles into one of the rooms and the ship sets sail towards the mainland.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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