The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 7: Death at a Dinner

Grumpy dinner guests and beloved deaths.

The party rests for the night at the Bear & Dragon inn in the southern part of the city where they get a decent nights rest as the storm continues overhead. In the morning; Jonah goes outside to pray silently, eventually with Baldric attempting to join in, while Annie and Ghesh ask the bartender about the “The Naked Shrew”. He mentions that he has never heard of the Naked Shrew, but there is the Naked Hen tavern in the northern area of the city. As the party regroups outside the inn, several guards come by and question if they have seen a young Elven woman named “Thi” who is wanted. After stating they have not, the party move on to report to the King. Along the way, they notice that there are more guards patrolling and seemingly searching through the city, where upon arriving at the castle, they notice that the portcullis is down. A moment of argument, the party is allowed entry by Willes who states that there was an attack on the castle. Willes brings the group to the war room where King Senos, and Mekos, Chief Guard of the Military are discussing about the incident. The party informs the King about Kaz and returns the ring. A guard comes into the war room and states that they have a prisoner from the attack, and the party along with the King, Mekos and Willes traverse down into the dungeon where upon the find a badly wounded assassin. The King and Mekos, unable to get any information from the injured man, leave the party and Willes to question him. Unnoticed, the assassin destroys a vial with a liquid that causes the room to fill with a poisonous cloud that quickly expands. The party barely escapes, with Jonah and Annie inhaling some of the poison while Willes stumbles out. The party and Willes is quickly rushed to the infirmary, to treat Jonah and Annie of the poison, while Willes dies a painful death. Later, the party is invited to dinner to discuss about their new contracts: One being to reclaim an ancient artifact from Rotmoor Keep in the northern lands, and Second, to acquire any information about the Thorns, an elite and powerful group of assassins that were behind the attack. The party agrees to the contracts and rests in one of the guest rooms.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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