The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 6: The Sewer King, the Chess Board and The Ring.

Heal the little baby Rat

The party continues through the sewers of Menossea, attempting to find Kaz and retrieve a ring of personal interest to the King. They follow after, what Baldric presumes is a bipedal rat through the sewers, eventually catching up to and gravely wounding it. It escapes by transforming into a small rat and scurries off deeper into the sewer. The party follows after it and finds it heavily breathing along a corridor. Annie persuades Jonah to heal the poor thing, and to their surprise, it seemingly speaks, in cryptically. The rat says that he is Kaz and they’ll find him ahead. The follow the rats (kaz’s) directions and come upon his home with two similar bipedal rat guards. The party explains that they want his ring and Kaz refuses to give it to them, stating it is not there’s to have. Eventually the party agrees to a game of chess with the sewer king in chance to win the ring. The party loses and Jonah, frustrated with Kaz’s cryptic ‘nonsense’ and not resorting to brute force, attacks the guards. The party manages to kill the guards and Kaz is severely wounded. They are able to retrieve a ring, along with a bag of holding and a strange note regarding an inn known as the ‘The Naked Shrew’. Before the leave, Kaz mentions that his plan is in motion and that nothing can stop it, and dies to blood-lost. The party leaves the sewers, as well as losing Toby much to Baldrics dismay, but Jonah quickly grabs its twin brother and says he found Toby. The group waits at an inn till the morning as the storm continues to roll across Menossea.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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