The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 5: Slums to Sewers

Hanging out with my Friends Toby and Toby.

Assigned with their task to find Koz, Willes escorts them out of the castle and informs that they have two days to complete their task. Outside the gates, Baldric reminisces of his pig, and they come across the guard from before, covered in mud and pig tracks, who continues to inform them to get inside. Baldric attempts to lead them to the slums, but come across the cities outer wall, where as Baldric attempts to talk to the wall. Jonah peers at his map and finds that they need to head north, just before a brick falls down from the wall and Baldric adopting it. The party makes their way into the slums and begin their search, only to find dead ends until they stop an older male in rags. Toby, and the party barter over information and Toby states that they should find someone known as Arran, and the party offers Toby gold. As the party turns to leave, they hear a “splat” and discover that Toby died of a heart attack. The party makes their way deeper into the slums and come across a couple of guys, garbed in leather. After a momentary standstill, the three lead the party to a decent-looking building where upon they fine dozens of other persons inside. There, the party attempts to find information on Koz, and meet an elven woman whom attempts to persuade them into business. After dancing around the subject, eventually the party finds that Koz is located within the sewers in the eastern docks area. The party makes their way to the eastern docks and make their way to warehouse 4, where the sewer entrance is located. They are momentarily stopped by a paranoid guard, but the party presses onward. They descend into the muck-filled sewers and come across some large rats to fight. Baldric also notices a bipedal rat that continues to run away from the group.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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