The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 4: The Intelligence Challenges

A Game of Riddles, Storm a Brewing & Hog Riding

The party continues with the Intelligence challenge of the Kings Tournament; this test being a Game of Riddles. The Fibely Dibelys go against the Ruby Circlets and barely make it through with a victory. This brings the tournament to an end, and everyone begins to head home as the storm becomes stronger. The party waits in a nearby tent awaiting their prize, where the town crier comes and awards them with a large sum of gold and six large jewels. (Two rubies, two sapphires and two emeralds.) Inside the reward sack is also a note, with the King’s seal stating that they will be in touch soon. The party decides to sell off some of the gems, and Ghesh leads them to Maz’s Gems, where upon they find the store to still be open. Inside, a Dragonborn by the name of Gorge, who is the new bodyguard, asks why they are there. The party explains that they have gems to sell, and Gorge calls for Maz to the front room. There Maz and party barter over a few gems, and Ghesh asks for private meeting with Maz. Reluctantly, Maz agrees and brings Ghesh to the back room where there is another guard, a Goliath named Dorge, and Ghesh and Maz discuss about the unusual gem that Ghesh acquired from Merk. Later on, after Ghesh finishes his meeting with Maz, the party regroups and makes their way back to the Hopping Goblin to rest. They make their way back and are only able to rent a medium sized room, as the tavern is packed with people, sheltering from the storm. The party, except Ghesh, rest in the common area, while they get to know each other. As they head upstairs a young boy, delivers a message to the party, which requests that they meet at the castle at dawn. The party rests, and are suddenly awakened by the window breaking from the storms winds. The cautiously make their way to the castle, running into a guard who warns them to get inside, and come across and escaped herd of pigs that is being led by the large boar. They make it to the castle and are greeted by Willes, the town crier, who works directly for the King. Willes escorts them to King Senos, where he explains that he held the tournament to find a competent party to take on a task for him. They are instructed to find a former servant of the King known as Koz, who was banished from the kingdom, and is supposedly hiding in the poor district of Menossea.


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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