The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 3: The Dexterity Challenges

Porcupine Gnomes, and unexpected Chess Conundrums

The party rests at the Hopping Goblin tavern as they get to know each other more and prepare themselves for the next days challenges. They wake in the morning and head downstairs for a ham, sausage, eggs and french-toast breakfast. The party gladly eats their breakfast and head to the main tournament grounds, but notice an overcast sky with strong winds blowing from the northeast. At the tournament grounds, the party prepare for the first round of the Dexterity portion and face off against the “JackDaws”, which has the three year running champ Gnekor. The challenge begins, and the party successfully gains first place with the least amount of arrows, as Ghesh uses the “jackDaws” leader as a shield and Gnekor trips and scorpions along the ground. As the guards begin removing the arrows from the participants, it begins to rain and the remaining Dexterity portion of the tournament is cancelled and everybody moves across the street into a massive grand hall, where the Intelligence portion of the tournament shall commence. While the party waits, they run into the elderly nurse who treated Baldric of the ‘perverse tap’, Sarra, who is passing out blankets for people to dry off. The Town Crier comes and offers the minor reward of 30 gold pieces of jewels to the party for their victory in the dexterity portion of the tournament. Moments later, the party takes part in the first challenge, which involves each party member playing a game of chess. The Fibeley Dibeleys face off against Pheny’s Covenent; Baldric and Jonah play first, against Galemmagel, an elf, and Rigo, a gnome. As the first round begins, Jonah not knowing how to play chess, immediately grabs Galemmagel’s king and assumes victory. Gale becomes irritated and begins to yell at Jonah for his incompetence of the game and in his rage, throughs his table across the room, scattering the chess board and its pieces, resulting in the both of them disqualified. In the commotion, Rigo’s and Baldrics pieces are moved about, and unknowingly, Baldric achieves checkmate against Rigo, who accepts defeat much better than Gale and Baldric declares “Lets have a good game!”. Next round is with Ghesh, who achieves victory over Pheny, by scaring him into surrendering before the round begins and Annie against Umral, who is the only member to lose. The party prepares themselves for the second challenge of the Intelligence portion against Ruby Circlets, A Game of Riddles!


Azgalorn Azgalorn

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