The Daughters War

Season 1 - Session 12: The Wolf and the Champion of Bahamut
There's a hole in my boot, and 100 roasted chickens

The party continues their way north to the city of Vir, eventually reaching Elcot, one of the outskirt villages of Vir. There the party inquires about the situation and are told by a galiant servant of Bahamut that everyone should make their way to the city for safe-keeping against the dangers of the were-beasts. The party travels to Vir and find food and drink at one of the local taverns. There they are told more about the were-beasts, particularly Zev, the notorious, murderous leader of the Volfblitz tribe of werewolves who is wanted for 50,000 gold pieces. The party scour the city, eventually finding rest within a housing shop and rest for the day. As the sun sets, Jonah heads out for a walk, eventually racing back to state that the were-beasts have come. The party regroups and sets off towards the southern gates, where they notice several metallic dragons flying off to attack a gigantic wolf beast that seems to be leading the were-beasts. The party reaches the gates and several were-wolves charge towards them, and as they make their stand, Jonah dramatically turns and reveals that he too is a were-wolf.

End of Season 1

Season 1 - Session 11: Walking the Dark Path to Vir
No Moon in sight....Good or Bad

Baldric awakens, hearing the sound of waves crashing against a sandy shore, goes forth in search of his friends while making friends with a crab along the way. Baldric comes across Annie and is able to awaken her and they both go in search of the others. Time passes; Baldric and Annie eventually spot the ship and notice that Ghesh, Jonah and the Captain are alive and picking up debris and cargo. They regroup and Captain Warne tells them that they are on the shore of the Qahil desert and the nearest civilization is a few days walk, as the ship cannot sail for some time. Lug returns with the dwarf cook, who died during the storm and buries him nearby. The party scrounges for food and gear, eventually getting ready to set off. Though the Captain states she is not leaving her ship, causing tension and eventually interrogation about the Captains connection to the Thorns leader. She states that the Thorns leader found her and she controlled the means of communication, and does not know exactly where they are stationed. The party then leaves the Captain and Lug behind and make their way north. They eventually reach the mountains, and camp along the stone crags near the shore. They awaken an continue on towards Vir, eventually reaching the forest south of Vir and decide to continue through the night. They struggle as there is little light, but they eventually find a farmhouse that seems to have been abandoned. They make camp there and awaken the next morning, to which Baldric notices several ethereal beings around the area, particularly swarming round Jonah. Baldric chases after them into the barn, and climbs into the hay-loft to find a boot. He removes the boot along with its inhabitant, a foot, and notices the body that it belonged to. He pushes the body off, and three splats are heard. The party leaves the bodies, and make their way to Vir. They follow the farm road to the main road, where a broken sigh says ’Mcgaven". They continue North, eventually hearing a cavalry regiment behind them and move to the side. A section of the regiment breaks off and talks to the party, giving directions to Vir and a warning for the creatures that lurk in the forests.

Season 1 - Session 10: Sing a Tale as Sung by the Tide
Tricorn or Bicorn? you foolish mutineers

The party, still aboard the Hammer of Baator, continue their journey amongst the high seas to the city of Vir. The party continues their manual labor aboard, and Baldric partakes in a game of liars dice. Wins and loses as the days go by; Baldric eventually makes some gold, as well as earning a torn tricorn hat and three boots. One day Annie awakes early twice to notice that; Captain has noticed something out at sea and simply warned for everyone to stay on guard, and that Captain Warne wanted to know more about why they were doing this service for the King of Menossea. A few days pass and the ship is besieged by a storm, the crew and the party work to push through it, but a few of the crew-mates decide to stage a mutiny during the storm so that they can prize money as the Captain knows about the Thorns. The party struggles to work and fight the mutiny’s but is eventually pushed down, before the crew abandons ship as a large serpent rises from the sea and crushes another ship far out, eventually crashing back down and forming a massive wave. The Captain, her two orc guards and the party are the only remaining members aboard, for what they know and prepare for the wave. The work to make their way to shore, before the ship is struck by the serpent and the ship tumbles over under the sea.

Season 1 - Session 9: To and Fro, Up and Ho
Setting the Sails or Die to the Seas

The party departs Menossea and set sail towards Rotmoor Keep aboard the Hammer of Baator, captained by a woman by the name of Hilda Warne. The party settles in their bunk room, while Ghesh decides to sleep with the sailors in his own hammock. The party makes their way topside, along with another Elven woman and a Drow. The Captain states that provided the coin given, each passenger must work for their travel. The party is tasked with separate jobs and works their best to those jobs. Ghesh works in the kitchen with a dwarf, Baldric “cleans” the loo’s. while Jonah and Annie scrub the decks and work with the sails. As they work, they and the elven woman are brought forward as show that the Captain will not tolerate resistance by throwing the Drow overboard for refusing to work. The party questions if the Captain is of military background or something more “mercenary”, and Ghesh is suspicious of the elven woman. The party rests for the night, and resume work in the morning. Ghesh returns to the kitchen; Baldric scrubs the decks; Annie cleans the loo’s and Baldrics mess and Jonah is tasked with scraping barnacles along with the elven woman. The woman, introduced as Thi, attempts to converse with Jonah, but only ends up frustrated as Jonah remains apathetic. That night, while the party sleeps, Jonah notices that Thi has snuck into the room, and thus awaken Baldric and Annie. Thi converses with Jonah about something known as ‘BrokenStone Vale’ and how she hopes of finding it and hopes that Jonah will help her and his kind. Morning comes and the ship is reaching it’s first stop, a small town called Catun, along the mainland. The party assists in offloading goods at port, and they notice that they recognize another Elven woman and beings in the crowd dressed as the assassin in Menossea. Captain Warne and Thi meet with the women, which the group only remembers as Arron, and the three seem to embrace. Before the group can meet with the ‘Arron’, the Captain returns and the ship begins it’s departure back to the sea.

Season 1 - Session 8: Venture to the High Seas
Food fight, Gear and Knowledge.

As the party rests in one of the guest rooms, early in the morning a guard notifies them that the queen has requested to speak with the party in the morning. Come morning; Annie, Ghesh and Baldric head to the dining hall to have breakfast while Jonah goes outside and prays. The breakfast is interrupted as the Kings two sons begin a food fight with Ghesh and Baldric. Later, the party reunites and heads to the royal library where they speak to the queen more about the artifact which is located within Rotmoor Keep. As the meeting ends, a servant leads them to the supply rooms to acquire their necessities for the 1-2 month journey. After acquiring their gear, the party goes in search for a suitable ship. With many of the ships damaged or sunk, the party struggles to find a ship, eventually finding a suitable ship in the eastern docks. Ghesh bargains with the Captain for voyage to their destination and back, but falls short as he doesn’t know where they are going. The party requests aid from the dock-master in negotiating passage, and meet atop the ships deck. The dock-master agrees to a bargain with the Captain, a good bargain for the King and his treasury, but at the cost of the party doing manual work. The party settles into one of the rooms and the ship sets sail towards the mainland.

Season 1 - Session 7: Death at a Dinner
Grumpy dinner guests and beloved deaths.

The party rests for the night at the Bear & Dragon inn in the southern part of the city where they get a decent nights rest as the storm continues overhead. In the morning; Jonah goes outside to pray silently, eventually with Baldric attempting to join in, while Annie and Ghesh ask the bartender about the “The Naked Shrew”. He mentions that he has never heard of the Naked Shrew, but there is the Naked Hen tavern in the northern area of the city. As the party regroups outside the inn, several guards come by and question if they have seen a young Elven woman named “Thi” who is wanted. After stating they have not, the party move on to report to the King. Along the way, they notice that there are more guards patrolling and seemingly searching through the city, where upon arriving at the castle, they notice that the portcullis is down. A moment of argument, the party is allowed entry by Willes who states that there was an attack on the castle. Willes brings the group to the war room where King Senos, and Mekos, Chief Guard of the Military are discussing about the incident. The party informs the King about Kaz and returns the ring. A guard comes into the war room and states that they have a prisoner from the attack, and the party along with the King, Mekos and Willes traverse down into the dungeon where upon the find a badly wounded assassin. The King and Mekos, unable to get any information from the injured man, leave the party and Willes to question him. Unnoticed, the assassin destroys a vial with a liquid that causes the room to fill with a poisonous cloud that quickly expands. The party barely escapes, with Jonah and Annie inhaling some of the poison while Willes stumbles out. The party and Willes is quickly rushed to the infirmary, to treat Jonah and Annie of the poison, while Willes dies a painful death. Later, the party is invited to dinner to discuss about their new contracts: One being to reclaim an ancient artifact from Rotmoor Keep in the northern lands, and Second, to acquire any information about the Thorns, an elite and powerful group of assassins that were behind the attack. The party agrees to the contracts and rests in one of the guest rooms.

Season 1 - Session 6: The Sewer King, the Chess Board and The Ring.
Heal the little baby Rat

The party continues through the sewers of Menossea, attempting to find Kaz and retrieve a ring of personal interest to the King. They follow after, what Baldric presumes is a bipedal rat through the sewers, eventually catching up to and gravely wounding it. It escapes by transforming into a small rat and scurries off deeper into the sewer. The party follows after it and finds it heavily breathing along a corridor. Annie persuades Jonah to heal the poor thing, and to their surprise, it seemingly speaks, in cryptically. The rat says that he is Kaz and they’ll find him ahead. The follow the rats (kaz’s) directions and come upon his home with two similar bipedal rat guards. The party explains that they want his ring and Kaz refuses to give it to them, stating it is not there’s to have. Eventually the party agrees to a game of chess with the sewer king in chance to win the ring. The party loses and Jonah, frustrated with Kaz’s cryptic ‘nonsense’ and not resorting to brute force, attacks the guards. The party manages to kill the guards and Kaz is severely wounded. They are able to retrieve a ring, along with a bag of holding and a strange note regarding an inn known as the ‘The Naked Shrew’. Before the leave, Kaz mentions that his plan is in motion and that nothing can stop it, and dies to blood-lost. The party leaves the sewers, as well as losing Toby much to Baldrics dismay, but Jonah quickly grabs its twin brother and says he found Toby. The group waits at an inn till the morning as the storm continues to roll across Menossea.

Season 1 - Session 5: Slums to Sewers
Hanging out with my Friends Toby and Toby.

Assigned with their task to find Koz, Willes escorts them out of the castle and informs that they have two days to complete their task. Outside the gates, Baldric reminisces of his pig, and they come across the guard from before, covered in mud and pig tracks, who continues to inform them to get inside. Baldric attempts to lead them to the slums, but come across the cities outer wall, where as Baldric attempts to talk to the wall. Jonah peers at his map and finds that they need to head north, just before a brick falls down from the wall and Baldric adopting it. The party makes their way into the slums and begin their search, only to find dead ends until they stop an older male in rags. Toby, and the party barter over information and Toby states that they should find someone known as Arran, and the party offers Toby gold. As the party turns to leave, they hear a “splat” and discover that Toby died of a heart attack. The party makes their way deeper into the slums and come across a couple of guys, garbed in leather. After a momentary standstill, the three lead the party to a decent-looking building where upon they fine dozens of other persons inside. There, the party attempts to find information on Koz, and meet an elven woman whom attempts to persuade them into business. After dancing around the subject, eventually the party finds that Koz is located within the sewers in the eastern docks area. The party makes their way to the eastern docks and make their way to warehouse 4, where the sewer entrance is located. They are momentarily stopped by a paranoid guard, but the party presses onward. They descend into the muck-filled sewers and come across some large rats to fight. Baldric also notices a bipedal rat that continues to run away from the group.

Season 1 - Session 4: The Intelligence Challenges
A Game of Riddles, Storm a Brewing & Hog Riding

The party continues with the Intelligence challenge of the Kings Tournament; this test being a Game of Riddles. The Fibely Dibelys go against the Ruby Circlets and barely make it through with a victory. This brings the tournament to an end, and everyone begins to head home as the storm becomes stronger. The party waits in a nearby tent awaiting their prize, where the town crier comes and awards them with a large sum of gold and six large jewels. (Two rubies, two sapphires and two emeralds.) Inside the reward sack is also a note, with the King’s seal stating that they will be in touch soon. The party decides to sell off some of the gems, and Ghesh leads them to Maz’s Gems, where upon they find the store to still be open. Inside, a Dragonborn by the name of Gorge, who is the new bodyguard, asks why they are there. The party explains that they have gems to sell, and Gorge calls for Maz to the front room. There Maz and party barter over a few gems, and Ghesh asks for private meeting with Maz. Reluctantly, Maz agrees and brings Ghesh to the back room where there is another guard, a Goliath named Dorge, and Ghesh and Maz discuss about the unusual gem that Ghesh acquired from Merk. Later on, after Ghesh finishes his meeting with Maz, the party regroups and makes their way back to the Hopping Goblin to rest. They make their way back and are only able to rent a medium sized room, as the tavern is packed with people, sheltering from the storm. The party, except Ghesh, rest in the common area, while they get to know each other. As they head upstairs a young boy, delivers a message to the party, which requests that they meet at the castle at dawn. The party rests, and are suddenly awakened by the window breaking from the storms winds. The cautiously make their way to the castle, running into a guard who warns them to get inside, and come across and escaped herd of pigs that is being led by the large boar. They make it to the castle and are greeted by Willes, the town crier, who works directly for the King. Willes escorts them to King Senos, where he explains that he held the tournament to find a competent party to take on a task for him. They are instructed to find a former servant of the King known as Koz, who was banished from the kingdom, and is supposedly hiding in the poor district of Menossea.

Season 1 - Session 3: The Dexterity Challenges
Porcupine Gnomes, and unexpected Chess Conundrums

The party rests at the Hopping Goblin tavern as they get to know each other more and prepare themselves for the next days challenges. They wake in the morning and head downstairs for a ham, sausage, eggs and french-toast breakfast. The party gladly eats their breakfast and head to the main tournament grounds, but notice an overcast sky with strong winds blowing from the northeast. At the tournament grounds, the party prepare for the first round of the Dexterity portion and face off against the “JackDaws”, which has the three year running champ Gnekor. The challenge begins, and the party successfully gains first place with the least amount of arrows, as Ghesh uses the “jackDaws” leader as a shield and Gnekor trips and scorpions along the ground. As the guards begin removing the arrows from the participants, it begins to rain and the remaining Dexterity portion of the tournament is cancelled and everybody moves across the street into a massive grand hall, where the Intelligence portion of the tournament shall commence. While the party waits, they run into the elderly nurse who treated Baldric of the ‘perverse tap’, Sarra, who is passing out blankets for people to dry off. The Town Crier comes and offers the minor reward of 30 gold pieces of jewels to the party for their victory in the dexterity portion of the tournament. Moments later, the party takes part in the first challenge, which involves each party member playing a game of chess. The Fibeley Dibeleys face off against Pheny’s Covenent; Baldric and Jonah play first, against Galemmagel, an elf, and Rigo, a gnome. As the first round begins, Jonah not knowing how to play chess, immediately grabs Galemmagel’s king and assumes victory. Gale becomes irritated and begins to yell at Jonah for his incompetence of the game and in his rage, throughs his table across the room, scattering the chess board and its pieces, resulting in the both of them disqualified. In the commotion, Rigo’s and Baldrics pieces are moved about, and unknowingly, Baldric achieves checkmate against Rigo, who accepts defeat much better than Gale and Baldric declares “Lets have a good game!”. Next round is with Ghesh, who achieves victory over Pheny, by scaring him into surrendering before the round begins and Annie against Umral, who is the only member to lose. The party prepares themselves for the second challenge of the Intelligence portion against Ruby Circlets, A Game of Riddles!


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